A downloadable game for Windows

Team Name: WhatName


1) Lim Hui Qi

2) Albert Yeoh Ji Bin

3) Leong Wei Wen

4) Chan Jing Hui Benedict

Description of Game:

This game is a bullet hell top-down shooter game. The objective is to kill the boss, you can collect energy by getting "close enough" to the enemies' bullet.

Get too close and you will take damage!

Use the energy gained to use skills!

Game Source: https://github.com/bertojo/Gamecraft2016

Install instructions

Play in 16:9 resolution, Example: 1920X1080, 1600X900, 1280X720


W: Move Up

A: Move Left

S: Move Down

D: Move Right

Shift (Hold): Slow down character

J: Heal

K: Shield

L: Weapon Upgrade

More Instructions is in the Help section (Press Help in the main menu)


TooCloseForComfort.zip 12 MB


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Man, that was really 'too close for comfort'

*badumm tss*

Cool game, although I took me a few tries to beat it